Benefits of music when you run

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As in all sports, people at run have a wide variety of styles. When jogging, there are runners of all kinds, and among them, those who run with music and those that do not; the fact is that music makes us happy. It releases endorphins, our brain active and might even improve our performance as we train to hear.

Running with music

Among the advantages of running with music we note:

- You can do a hard workout more enjoyable and gives us the possibility to put our head elsewhere in times of fatigue and / or pain.

- You can create a sense of companionship and pleasure for those who run alone.

- Run listening to music could make us to run faster.

However, we must take extra careful while running listening to music as it is a distraction and puts us at greater risk of accidents. So if you're ready to go jogging with headphones on, remember Extra attention to the road and the cars.

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