Why sleep is so important for health?

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Good sleep is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing. The hours of sleep are important but not just sleep but to have a restful sleep, to achieve this kind of sleep you should be quiet and undisturbed. Bad rest or sleep deprivation has very different consequences, increased stress, decreased intellectual performance, causes memory problems, irritability and even depression. During sleep our body produces some hormones for growth and some that help fight infections. Also free hormones that affect the way we use energy, therefore, people who sleep less are more likely to be obese, develop diabetes or prefer very caloric and carbohydrate foods. Sleep, or sleeping too much can be harmful to health, sleep experts recommend, in children sleep about ten hours, and adults aged 7 or 8 hours. These are some of the most important reasons to consider adequate sleep hours:

1. Keeps your heart healthy

2. Reduces stress

3. Reduces swelling

4. Keeps you more focus

5. Strengthens your memory

6. Might help you lose weight

7. Naps make you smarter

8. Reduces risk of depression

9. Helps the body repair


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