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Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber of great economic importance as a raw material for the manufacture of textiles and clothing.

Over the years it has been used for different sectors. The most common or where it has been developed over this fiber is used in various textiles; due to the resistance; , Absorbency and ease of washing and is pigmented.

Raw materials for making soap, fibers for weaving and the manufacture of clothing, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic additionally, other cotton products are obtained.



When cotton arrives at the plant, is loaded through ducts placed on trucks and trailers.

Then goes on to machines that separate the cotton all foreign matter: dirt, leaf litter, etc.. Enters the clean cotton ginning, separating the fiber from the seeds. Finally, the fibers are packaged, then comes the process basically involves opening, blending, carding (in some cases also combed), stretched and twisted.

Fun Facts:

• Cotton is the most widely used worldwide for the fabrication of fiber clothing

• Is more crop is harvested in the world that is not edible

• The seed cotton can be consumed and have antioxidant properties and is free of cholesterol

• In ancient Egypt, only priests could use cotton

• It is a crop that has been in the world for over 5,000 years and has been used as both food and fiber

• Cotton accounts for 40% of world fiber production.


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