“Bringing a dignified life to wisdom”

As a result of changes in socio-demographics and family dynamics, different phenomena have emerged, affecting highly vulnerable social groups, such as senior citizens, who are often abandoned or live in extreme poverty. That is why it is necessary to change the paradigm and encourage family and social values when it comes to caring for seniors. We must also prepare for our own futures in order to reach our elder years in the best conditions possible.


Degasa works to heal families, but also strives to heal hearts and provide dignified lives to seniors who at one point were the foundation of our society and are now the experiences of our times. These people are part of and helped build the society we have now.  We are aware of the need to provide our society with actions that influence specific problems directly so that together we can create a fairer and more equal society for everyone.

These two nursing homes are fully dedicated to supporting seniors who are abandoned, lacking care or living in extreme poverty, and who need help to be able to survive and fend off adverse conditions so as to lead a dignified life.  It is important that nursing homes provide the necessary services to be successful in their major challenge of providing new opportunities for living and a family, which in many cases they lack.

We invite you to join forces on this great social mission by providing cash or in-kind donations, becoming a volunteer or getting involved in activities at the nursing homes. Find out more at: